How will we experience stories in the future?

New technologies and modes of storytelling such as MR, VR, AR, the IoT and their emergent ways of publishing change the ways in which we explore and engage with storyworlds. I am curious about these changes and experimenting with them.

I am a Serious Games, Interactive Fiction and Blended Concepts creator with many years of experience in transmedia production (serious games, interactive webseries, storytelling 2.0, AR, IoT) and more traditional digital and print formats (books, magazines, broadcasting).

I have been working on original storytelling and narrative design, content strategy and digital product development for many inspiring projects with innovators in the games industry, established publishers and entertainment & (new) media producers and institutions.

In my day-to-day work, I am passionate about new twists to telling stories in different formats, genres and audiences, intrigued by pulling the strings behind the (screen) curtain to create meaningful experiences, and convinced of the inventive potential of agile and team-oriented processes.

… Also, there is always some music on the side.


Ulrike Küchler

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