What does Virtual Reality got to do with onions? Everything, as it turned out at this year’s Changing the Picture Technology Conference in Babelsberg.

For me, one of the conference’s hightlights has been Arnaud Colinart’s presentation on the genesis of ‘Notes on Blindness’, a remarkable transmedia experiment and experience of what it is like to become blind. Through a documentary, a movie and a VR game the ‘experiences’ follows John Hull on his path to accept blindness during the 1980s. And the genesis of this transmedia experiment can, indeed, be compared to the growing layers of an onion.

In addition to the great presentations, the conference also included a tech sessions day where participants were invited to attend two workshops to get a practical grip on all the technological challenges presented so far. I was curious to learn some more about how to tell stories with VR and 360° technology and lucky enough to get into the workshops “Virtual Reality Storytelling” by Rainer Gombos (Realtra) and “360° Playground” by Arne Ludwigs (Headtrip). I took a great deal of inspiration back home – and a new 360° storytelling project to work on.

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