Professor S.


Since 2013, I have been developing game, story and educational content for the Berlin studio LudInc and serious games such as the award-winning time travel adventure Professor S.

LudInc specializes in children’s media and interactive games ranging from live-action webseries to animation and life-puppet game schemes.

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Imagine you are a child...

School is alright, but you rather play outside or watch your favourite TV show. One day, a mysterious package arrives in the mail. It contains a handheld time machine and a video message by Professor S.

You are catapulted into an interactive time travel story. You help the protagonists solve tricky quests and shape world history along the way: You discover fire in Stone Age, explore medieval castles, and meet and greet with the robots of the future.

The quests cover a lot of topics from different areas: music, science, languages… And that’s not all: Your adventure takes place both in the virtual and the real world.


The approach

For this project, we not only wanted to develop a running prototype into a marketable product. We also wanted to draw a line between things, that are usually separate. We wanted to marry an engaging storyline with a flexible curriculum. We wanted to wrap both into an intuitive platform that meets the needs of pupils and teachers. And we wanted to share the game with users looking for either or both education and entertainment.