Stories as Medicine


While working on new ideas on gamification and storybased learning in 2016, I came to know an exciting project: Schnobbl and the Dolores Concept.

The award-winning concept by HumancCare Concepts aims at supporting children in local hospitals in Northern Germany with the help of a fictional character, Schnobbl. His story is told with some carefully designed supportive media, such as a book, a CD and a website.

In the following time, I have been elaborating ideas on how to further the storytelling concept in order to reach a wider audience – children, parents and staff. The main focus lied with incorporating the possibilities of transmedia storytelling and storybased serious game design. So, I am very happy that based on these suggestions HumanCare Concepts is now preparing the next development phase. I will keep you posted on its proceedings.

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Imagine the pain away...

Imagine you are a child.

You love spending time with your family and friends. You love to turn the playground into a pirate vessel. You love food (except everything that’s remotely green).

But for a couple of days now your tummy hurts so badly that you do not enjoy any of those things. Your doctor cannot help. So your parents take you to the hospital.

You have never been at a hospital…

How do you feel?

Meet Schnobbl

When children need to go to the hospital, they (and their parents) are often scared and experience fear. Much of that fear relates to a bunch of unanswered questions:

Will it hurt when the doctor examines me?
What is an infusion?
What happens to me during the operation?

A great project by HumanCare-Concepts from Northern Germany wanted to change that feeling and address these questions at the same time: with a story-based approach. Schnobbl is the story’s protagonist and is of great help with everything new in the world of hospitals such as the likes of infusions, examinations and operations.