Virtual Expeditions


In 2017 the children’s library of the Library of the Senate, Berlin, invited me to collaborate on a new pilot project: together with Stiftung Lesen and Google Expeditions we began experimenting with use concepts for Google Cardboard.

The goal: a 360° adventure for children that uses the Google Expeditions platform and content to set up a playful environment where children can explore the library’s multimedia opportunities.

The next travel destination: the moon.


all images from the workshop © ZLB

Who was the second person to set foot on the moon?

Yes, we know, everybody knows about Neil Armstrong being the first person to set foot on the moon. But who has been the second person? And are there actually trees on the moon? Not to speak of all the holes: where does that bumpy surface come from?

We invite children aged 10-13 on a very special journey – to the moon! With Google Expeditions and a Google Cardboard they embark on a 360° adventure to outer space. From their trip, they will bring a bunch of questions. In the course of the two hour workshop, the library’s multimedia tools will help them to find answers to at least some of them.

With this pilot project the Library of the Senate, Berlin, offers a new approach to integrating digital media in their day-to-day activities. The project is a collaboration with Stiftung Lesen and Google Expeditions.