“Augmented and Mixed Reality” was the title of the 10th Serious Games Conference exploring Applied Interactive Technologies and best practices in so different industries as education, games and automobile.

Amongst the many great examples for serious games solutions from Germany and beyond, I have been most intrigued by two projects that also featured a great social and political relevance: the EduApp4Syria finalist Antura and the letters by the Cologne Game Lab (CGL) and the Memore-Box by Retrobrain R&D.

Antura and the letters (“Antura wa al Huruf”) is a smartphone app with a storybased framework that helps Syrian children learn Arabic and deal with the trauma of war in a playful way: “the players are invited to help an old shepherd keep watch over his living letters – some wild little creatures. With the help of the keeper’s dog Antura, the player embarks on a journey through multiple mini-games, which correspond to content from Syrian elementary school curriculum.” (Cologne Games Lab)

Memore-Box on the other hand is an innovative therapeutic model that uses AR technologies and gamification elements to successfully treat dementia patients: using motion controlled video games, the application encourages patients to practice movement patterns thus preventing dangerous injuries through falls. Memore-Box has been recently appointed a member of the European Commission’s Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing programme.

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