“So why do I use digital technologies that are reproductions versus using video? … When you’re shooting 360° video, even though things happen around you this way, you can’t move, you can’t ever get any closer to the image, you can’t get that full embodied walk-around experience that I am so, so, so compelled to get you to.”

TEDxBerlin’s Changing the Game conference this fall has been a hugely inspiring affair, but for me, one of the most outstanding talks has been Nonny de la Peña’s thoughts on “Immersive journalism: using virtual reality to tell the story”. I have read about her Project Syria before and was curious about the experiences she would share: with people engaged in the project (who suddenly became part of a story instead of mere bystanders), with the technologies she used (preferring VR over 360°) and the general project development. So here is her talk.

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